Innovative medical technologies and clinical medicine need to know each other very well, they need to like each other and they need to be prepared to work in close proximity before they can stay together ...

New products available
New medical technologies, such as DELTEX-Medical‘s non-invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring „CardioQ Oesophagus-Doppler“ and Cytosorbents‘ Cytokine Adsorber „CytoSorb“ are now available for application in critically ill patients.
Preparation for clinical practice
New medical technologies and clinical medicine must be synchronized to each other – safety, ease of use, training of users, clinical effectiveness and scientific evidence are prerequisites for increasing awareness, acceptance and regular use in clinical practice.
Ideas become products
Excellent ideas need to be identified, financed, promoted and implemented to become successful medical products that solve medical problems in order to help patients. The road from finished to successful product must be part of the planning for investors, developers and marketeers right from the beginning.
Expert Network
An independent “Medical Advisory Board” made up of international experts provides access to expertise, knowledge and experience at the highest level in different areas of intensive care, perioperative and emergency medicine.